Shaping the Digital Future of HR!

Recruitainment, social collaboration, data-driven culture – in the era of business digitalization, HR is faced with two major challenges: One of them consists of finding, inspiring and onboarding bright digital minds – the employees of the future, so to speak. The other is guiding the internal cultural change associated with digital transformation, and introducing new work processes, feedback mechanisms and leadership tools.

From an HR perspective, digitalization means much more than just technological change. Most importantly, it means cultural change. Imposing a digital corporate culture on people will not work. It cannot be ushered in at the push of a button. It needs practice. It needs freedom. And it needs commitment.

Digitally-minded HR is all about the internalization of the external brand. Companies are putting significant investment towards the digitalization of products and services for their customers.

Yet the internal experience often remains one of slow, manual processes and where digital means little more than having a Facebook page and employee blogs.

It is time for HR to take a leadership role here and help organizations create a culture that is ready to embrace and experiment with new technologies. It is time to make the external brand a reality within the organization. A mismatch between external positioning and internal realities will most certainly erode at a company’s employer brand and therefore employee engagement over time.

HR+Digital is our formula for creating what we like to call “epic employers”.

An epic is not only a tale of grandeur and of heroes. Epic describes something great and impressive, beyond the ordinary. Our mission is to help our customers become epic in the eyes of their employees!


HR Challenges in the Digital World:

HR+Digital: That’s what we’re all about.

Your digital agency or marketing agency is unfamiliar with the particularities of HR? Your HR consultants lack digital expertise and are unable to implement solutions? Your digital agency cannot calculate a business case for you?
We can do better:
Deliberately positioning ourselves as a consulting agency, we can think through change projects and business cases with you, or test, implement and launch your digital HR solutions. With 15 years of digital expertise, 15 years of experience in HR and an exclusive network of partners, our service portfolio is unique to the market and we have what it takes to help you advance. Our promise to you: A big team. But only one face to the customer.

HR Idea

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  • digitalization is becoming increasingly important in your organization. 
  • your HR department is struggling to keep up with applicants and employees.
  • you need some support in digitalizing your recruitment or employee engagement efforts.
  • your employees are required to work in virtual teams and collaborate across geographical boundaries more and more frequently.
  • real-time interaction and feedback is increasingly important for your organization.
  • you’d like some fresh input and bright ideas on HR marketing.
  • you want to embrace digital technology to support training, onboarding or corporate events
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