Generation A-Z

It’s all or none. Guiding the digital transformation means getting everyone on board. It means starting with yourself. To ingrain the change in people, you will need to be the seed.

To shape the future, you need a blueprint covering the following areas:

Employee Engagement

To get employees on board for the digital transformation, we start right at the beginning: We start with HR itself. Because all change starts in hearts and minds. The mind allows us to change our way of thinking. And the heart harbors our emotions about the change and the opportunities it presents. We will show you how HR can play an active role in shaping the new rules of the game, developing a new corporate culture and new leadership tools that capture hearts and minds for digital transformation.


Social collaboration, virtual teamwork, decentralized teams, knowledge management: for all of these challenges, technological solutions are often already in place. But knowledge on how to make the most of them is often lacking. What’s the business case for these solutions? How and where do you start, and most importantly: with whom? Making knowledge accessible to everyone is one thing. Continually putting it into practice and using it is quite another – and that’s where the fun begins.


Everyone says digitalization requires a new type of leadership. Faster, and more agile. Coaching rather than controlling. Empowering rather than directing. Remote rather than on-premises. Unfortunately, this new mantra also requires new leadership tools and philosophies. New leadership principles are called for. We’re here to help you get it right.

Branding & Communication

Posters in the canteen? A newsflash on your intranet, or a company newsletter? Even an employee magazine? Yes, but… what most of these measures lack is a digital core. Digital means dialogue, ideas and feedback. Anytime and anywhere. From and with employees, colleagues, leaders, external contributors and freelancers. An employer brand must go hand in hand with internal communication, on all the relevant channels, and with great content.


The First 90 Days is a business classic on career transitions and onboarding strategies. Actually, we believe it’s the first 90 seconds that matter. How and where can I learn everything about my new employer? How and where can I get connected? What do I need to know? Where can I look things up? A digitally supported onboarding process speeds up the transfer and buildup of knowledge, and there is a truly compelling business case for it. It’s fun, and will get new employees infected right from the start. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.


Employee surveys and opinion polls, engagement indexes or the simple question “Would you recommend us as an employer?” are all ways of addressing the same challenge: How happy are your employees? What matters to them? What drives change? What gives rise to a new spirit? Where are adjustments needed? Digital tools and a digital culture can make an enormous difference: In a data-driven culture, the spirit of an organization can be measured in real time to derive ad hoc recommendations, create a brand new feedback culture or even rethink the way employee appraisals are conducted.

Career Paths & Talent Management

In the context of assessment methods, career paths or talent management, data can be very helpful in developing people, discovering and fostering talent, coaching staff, providing feedback or simply staying in touch with them. Of course, digitalization can never replace mentoring or leadership. But it can be a powerful tool for mentors and leaders, helping them guide specific careers and retain employees. Further, tools such as self-assessments aligned to specific career paths, online mentoring communities, in-house platforms similar to Linked In which can be leveraged to match employees to vacancies and projects – all of these are ideas we would love to help bring to life in your organization!


Taking your department to some remote conference venue with flip charts and sticky notes? Good idea. But with the right digital preparation and follow-up, we think it’ll be even better. Or how about e-learning courses on the use of social media at work or digital onboarding tools? We can help you train a lot with the help of digital technology. But we can also provide training, high-impact event facilitation and coaching face-to-face. Naturally, a balanced combination of both is best – to boost training effectiveness and employee satisfaction.