Digital is everywhere

and so are your future employees

Instead, more and more employees are out there wanting to be found, and seduced, recommended, courted. They’re mobile and always on, active in networks and blogs. Organizations no longer sell jobs, but content, stories, attitudes and brands.

For instance via:

Channels & Campaigns

How and where can I reach applicants? What messages do I need to convey? Is Pinterest suitable as a career channel? Why don’t we have any followers on Twitter? We analyze HR marketing channels, recommend the ideal channel mix and design strong recruitment campaigns that work – across all channels, including microsites, events or digital support for recruitment fairs.


Do you proclaim an open, creative corporate culture? If so, how about making your recruitment efforts a little more fun? Game-based recruiting, matching apps, live streaming, augmented reality or a snazzy campaign that’ll take off and go viral – we’re here to take you down new roads. Experimenting, implementing or recommending, we’ll do whatever it takes to win the best minds for your organization.

Mobile Recruiting

70 % of all job advertisements or career websites are not yet optimized for mobile devices. And with Google’s new search formula now favoring mobile-friendly websites, “mobile first” is definitely the name of the game, even for HR. We’ll advise and assist you in implementing mobile solutions.

Search Engine Optimization

What should a job advertisement, a campaign or HR content in general look like, how should it be worded and coded to maximize chances of being found?  Drawing on the expertise of top SEO experts in our network, we’ll let you in on all these secrets.

Digitally-Supported HR Events

Recruitment fairs, career days or even a hackathon? How does a digitally-supported event work? How can you follow it up? How can you measure its success? How can you merge the offline and online worlds to reach wider target audiences? We know the answers, and we’ll share them with you and help you create an event that will have everyone in awe – and generate the right candidates. Or why not let us help you with your next HR or leadership conference so we can infect the very people who lead your recruitment efforts with the digital bug!

Social Networks

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and whatever the networks of the future may be called: Keeping up with all these channels is a growing challenge for HR. Providing relevant content everywhere, keeping up to date and, ideally, facilitating quick response and dialogue. Channel consultancy, communication guidelines and a well-trained workforce can make the difference. We’ll tell you how.

Employer Branding

No, don’t worry: Completely overhauling your employer brand is not inevitable. But questioning if your employer brand or employee value proposition is fit to succeed in the digital age makes sense, doesn’t it? Is it open to dialogue? Is it suited to all channels? Does it harbor the potential to attract applicants in innovative ways? That’s what we’ll help you find out.