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HR has a leading role to play when it comes to internalizing the external brand. Companies are going to great lengths to digitalize products and services for their customers, but how can we expect employees to embrace this change when the reality within the organization is another. Live chat in an HR Shared Service Center? An app for HR Systems? Digital employment contracts? Importing Linked In data into recruiting and other collaboration platforms?

While some organizations are still discussing whether it’s okay to advertise vacancies on Facebook, tomorrow’s applicants are already tweeting their résumés.

While the legal department is busy consulting on BYOD, the majority of employees have already decided that employers with overly restrictive social media policies are unattractive for them.

While the results of last year’s employee opinion survey are still being calculated, competitors are measuring employee satisfaction daily. Digital, and in real time.

When managers go around the office to seek feedback about their employee’s in support of the annual performance review, other companies don’t need to do this anymore because performance feedback from colleagues and managers is provided and documented in real-time. People always know where they stand – and what they are doing well and what can be done better!

With solutions that allow you to progress swiftly, in small, measurable steps, helping employees and leaders do their jobs, or find and assume their new role in the digital organization: As a mentor and coach. As a change agent and cultural role model.

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